About Us

Dazzle and Charms was born out of my desire to have a collection of reasonably priced jewelry that doesn't fade or turn after wearing a few times. I wanted pieces  that I didn't have to worry about getting wet in the shower or taking off each night. Sterling silver allowed me to have beautiful pieces comparable to other precious metal at a  much more pleasing price point than gold or platinum. Dazzle and Charms offer high quality .925 sterling silver jewelry with a focus on charms and charm bracelets. Our pieces are  92% pure silver with 8% copper for strength, no silver plating allowed!.  We also have charms to add bling to your car and bags. Some of our pieces feature semiprecious gemstones and genuine Swarovski crystals, world renowned for their sparkle and fire. Dazzle and Charms is for the budget conscious fashionistas.